Application of Silica Fume in Commercial Concrete


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Silica fume or condensed silica fume, also called microsilica fume and silica fume, is a by-product produced by the reduction of high purity quartz, coke and sawdust in the submerged arc furnace during the production of ferrosilicon or metal silicon. The main component is SiO. The color of silica fume is colorless between light ash and dark ash. Its color mainly depends on the content of carbon and iron oxide. In addition, the encrypted silica fume is darker than natural silica fume. The particle size of silica fume is less than 1μm, and the average particle size is about 0.1μm, which is 1/100 of the diameter of cement particles. Therefore, silica fume can be highly dispersed in concrete and filled between cement particles to improve compactness. At the same time, silica fume has high activity and can react with calcium oxyhydride produced by cement hydration faster and more comprehensively.

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