Metal silicon powder prices weak steady market turnover decline


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In July, the metal silicon powder market did not improve for the time being. Some enterprises adjusted the price downward to make profits for shipment. At present, the mainstream quotation in the 97 metal silicon powder market is 9800-11000 yuan/ton, while the mainstream quotation in the 98 metal silicon powder market is 10200-11300 yuan/ton, including tax. Mainstream market prices are about the same as last month.

From the perspective of raw materials, the price of metal silicon blocks has been slightly lowered this month, and it is common for enterprises to make profits to ship goods. However, some enterprises have maintained the quotation of last month and held a wait-and-see attitude towards the market. Metal silicon powder manufacturers said that it is easy to reduce the price of metal silicon powder at present, but once the price is lowered, it will be difficult to increase the price in the later stage. The current market demand is limited. Buyers are generally partners who have cooperated for many years. Even so, the purchase volume of old customers has also decreased. And foreign export business temporarily difficult to resume, occasionally a few scattered orders deal.

The number of orders last month did not increase significantly compared with the previous few months, and even showed a trend of decrease. In the future, metal silicon powder manufacturers lack confidence in the market, and silicon powder prices are expected to see a substantial decline.

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