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A new generation of solvent-free silicon PU court material has * * * * * * stability and excellent physical properties such as adhesion, elasticity, flexibility, tear resistance, etc. It can be constructed directly on the old and new concrete base surface, with a wide range of applications: basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, gymnasiums, sports venues and other high-standard venues.

Silicon PU stadium material application effect and characteristics:
1. Silicon PU stadium material, moderate elasticity and good texture, not easy to cause fatigue, dry and wet venues do not appear slippage phenomenon;
2. * * * * * Environmental protection silicon PU stadium material, no pungent smell in the construction process, belongs to the water-based material has no effect on environmental protection;
3. Silicon PU stadium material service life of 10 years, durable, not easy to color,
4. Silicon PU course material excellent dirt resistance, silicon PU surface layer tough, dense, not easy to be the sole or other hard scratch, through simple washing can keep the stadium bright and clean as new for a long time;
5. After the rain silicon PU stadium, can quickly resume use.

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